Vision & Mission


Mission Statement 


“To facilitate economic and community development,enhance residential and public space while embracing our distinct cultural and industrial History.”

Vision Statement 


The Sharon region is the modern manufacturing hub of northwest Pa’s Shenango Valley.

Within this region, Downtown Sharon envisions a future for itself built upon its development:

  • A Penn-State Shenango-based college town with strong support for entrepreneurial interests and development
  • The focus of a host of distinctive shopping and outstanding dining opportunities
  • The heart of a hub of business catering to alternative approaches to individual health and wellness, as well as a network of healthcare providers that offers state-of-the-art medical services
  • An evolving center for the arts and culture for people of all ages
  • A community-oriented “reinvention” effort with strong local, county, and regional partnerships will ensure this vision is attained.”

The Steering Committee then developed a list of Transformation Strategies. Each strategy will then have specific action steps.

  • The development and implementation of physical improvements to the downtown business district
  • The development and implementation of business support services
  • The development and implementation of marketing efforts, including general image advertising, special events, and retail promotions.
  • The development and implementation of safe, clean, and green activities and projects


  • Maintenance and Beautification Support
  • Social Service Support to Deal with Struggling Individuals

Physical Improvements

  • Downtown Physical Improvement Master Plan
  • Enhanced Downtown Amenities, including a new “Downtown Square.
  • Establish Parks and Greenspaces
  • Façade Improvement Program

Economic Vitality

  • Support for the Retail and Restaurant Cluster
  • Planning and Implementation of an Entrepreneurial Development System
  • Assistance with Business Retention and Recruitment