The  SCDC grew from a city-envisioning retreat in March 2021.

Our Leadership: Board members include Board President John Evans, Board VP Tom Roberts; Board Treasurer Carl Sizer; Board Secretary Brian Kepple, Sandi Carangi; Jim Landino; Adam Trambley; Karen Winner-Sed; Bob Fiscus; Brian Wallace; Mike Lisac; Mark Longietti; Jo Anne Carrick and Bill Dodd. Sherris Moreira, Sharon’s Director of Downtown Development, and Suzanne Kepple, Sharon’s Community Development Block Grant Manager, provide administrative support.

The long-term goal of the Sharon Community Development Corporation (SCDC) is to assist the City with both economic and community development efforts; the organization’s initial focus will be on economic development, primarily in the downtown.

The activities of the SCDC will be conducted by its board and committees, volunteers, and paid staff. Staff is to initially consist of an executive director and an administrative assistant. The SCDC is comprised of a seated board of directors representing the community’s economic drivers, clergy, non-profits, and universities.

Our By-Laws provide the City Manager a seat as a voting member of the Board on an on-going basis to provide input and ensure a voice by the City Government in the operations and affairs of the SCDC.

The Board will also be establishing and appointing members to an Advisory Council. By investing in a full-time Executive Director and an administrative assistant, SCDC’s carefully selected strategies will have both long and short-term results. The board, committees and staff will sort through the priority items of activities and specific transformative strategies identified in its March 2022 retreat as they fit under the broader strategic vision statement contained in the Revitalization Document.

There are numerous studies that point to the importance of revitalizing downtowns and plenty of best practices to supplement them. Common themes to the value of revitalization investments are job creation, tourist attraction, and property value increases. SCDC believes Sharon is well-positioned to continue revitalization and be recognized for the assets already in place as they are enhanced.

The SCDC By-Laws address two kinds of committees: the Executive Committee and Standing Committees. The Executive Committee is a clearly defined sub-committee of the full Board. Standing Committees comprised mostly of SCDC board members are as follows:

  • Finance, Revenue
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Business Development
  • Beautification
  • Design
  • Various Ad Hoc Committees as needed